ONUG conference to highlight cybersecurity and data protection

The ONUG community has followed the progression of digital transformation since digital transformation became a thing. Now, as enterprises undertake this transformation and enter the digital economy, ONUG aims to help them face related issues like automation, cybersecurity and data protections.

ONUG, a user-focused community that caters to IT professionals, will discuss these issues and more at its fall conference in New York City on Oct. 22 to 23.

“This ONUG conference is about how applications are built, how new digital revenues are derived and what the steps are to protect those assets and mitigate the new risk profiles that come with every new generation of technology,” ONUG co-founder and co-chair Nick Lippis said.

Nick Lippis, ONUG co-founder and co-chairNick Lippis

With enterprises becoming more digitally oriented, IT and networking teams are compelled to adjust in order to better support business demands. As a result, many are looking to

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