INSA Releases Framework for Better Cyber Threat Sharing

At the request of several Federal agencies, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has created and released a framework for organizations to better share indications and warnings (IW) of cyberattacks and deconstruct that data into indicators that can be monitored.

“The intent of this framework is to give government, academic, and industry professionals a practical analytic process in which an anticipated attack scenario is decomposed into indicators that can be continuously monitored to warn of an actual attack,” the framework states.

INSA found three main challenges to IW: a lack of personnel with cyber and intelligence skills, a lack of effective contracts and procurement approach, and the lack of a framework.

A survey from INSA also found that organizations were largely relying on cyber threat intelligence to anticipate threats, and sharing information through free-flow text and email lists, although half of respondents replied that they were using

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