Privacy in practice: Responding to daily cyber threats sharpens Polsinelli tech team

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We see the fallout nearly every day.

Another company, government or celebrity that’s been technologically compromised, prompting officials to scramble on how to best calm customers, citizens and stakeholders.

And when you lead one of the nation’s top cybersecurity law firms, you’re bound to see some frequent action, said Greg Kratofil, chair of Polsinelli’s Technology Transaction and Data Privacy Practice.

Greg Kratofil, Polsinelli

“We get about two to three incident responses a day now,” Kratofil said. “They range anywhere from lost or stolen laptops to ransomware, wire fraud and foreign national phishing attacks.”

Since July, the Kansas City-based law firm has helped recover a whopping $12 million for its clients, Kratofil said. Many of the plots are wire fraud schemes relying on targeted email phishing techniques

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