Today’s cybersecurity programs aren’t just for engineers

More graduate and Ph.D programs are training the next generation of cyber warriors. (Daniel Fishel)

During her senior year as an undergraduate at West Virginia University, Rebecca Solorzano finally had enough prerequisites under her belt to take the cyber-crime class she’d been intrigued by. “I just fell in love with the topic,” she says.

Already majoring in criminology, she was too far along at that point to switch up her bachelor’s degree. So as she finished at West Virginia, she also began researching the next steps that could help her succeed in this fast-growing field. That’s how Solorzano, 24, landed in the M.S. in cybersecurity program at Marymount University.

She finished her master’s in May 2018 and now works for a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security, assessing the cybersecurity practices of third-party vendors to ensure they

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