Eset uncovers new espionage cyber threat

Eset, a top IT security software company, has uncovered a new cyber threat focuses on espionage and reconnaissance, quite possibly in preparation for future cybersabotage attacks.

Named GreyEnergy by Eset, this threat actor is a successor to the BlackEnergy APT group, a company statement said.

BlackEnergy has been terrorizing Ukraine for years and rose to prominence in December 2015 when they caused a blackout that left 230 thousand people without electricity in the first-ever blackout caused by a cyberattack. Around the time of that breakthrough incident, Eset researchers started detecting another malware framework and named it GreyEnergy.

“We have seen GreyEnergy involved in attacks at energy companies and other high-value targets in Ukraine and Poland over the past three years,” said Anton Cherepanov, Eset senior security researcher who led the research.

The 2015 attack on Ukrainian energy infrastructure was the most recent known operation where the BlackEnergy toolset was used. Subsequently, Eset researchers documented

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