Group-IP Says $882 Million Pilfered from Crypto Exchanges, North Korean Hackers Take Gold Medal in Crypto Theft

Group-IB, a company that provides computer forensics and cybersecurity services large international companies, published a report last week the put a number to the frequent cryptocurrency exchange hacks that seem to happen on a weekly basis.  According to Group-IB, attacks during 2017 and through Q3 of 2018 totaled $882 in value stolen. The report states that at least 14 different crypto exchanges have been hacked.

The most prolific hackers are the Lazarus group which is a state sponsored cyber terror organization backed by the North Korean government. While North Korea faired poorly at the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea this year, they certainly have earned the gold medal of crypto-hacking.

Group-IB reports that five attacks can be traced back to the North Korean Lazarus group. This includes the hack of the Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck which saw a whopping $534

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