BrandPost: You Have A Website? You Have Cybersecurity Risk

In the United States, small business is big business. Keeping the websites for those small businesses — all 28.4 million of them — safe and secure from attack, is a huge job. A job made easier with the help of a trusted partner.  

Let’s look at the most recent figures from the U.S. Small Business Administration:

  • 28,443,856 small businesses
  • 5,707,941 small businesses with employees
  • 22,735,915 small businesses without employees
  • 56,062,893 workers employed by small businesses[1]

Those 28.4 million small businesses look at the Internet and their websites and see a level playing field that allows them to compete for long-tail revenue with much bigger players on a global stage.

Cybercriminals see a huge opportunity.

The sheer scale of small business is why, when it comes to cybersecurity risk, size is irrelevant. Cyberattackers believe in equal opportunity for targets.

And while the Internet has allowed SMBs to compete more equally with their larger counterparts, when it comes

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