How To Prevent Your Business Becoming Collateral Damage Of Geopolitical Cyber Conflict

Industry experts weigh in on how to defend your systems and data during these times of geopolitical cyber conflict

According to Bryan Becker, an application security researcher at WhiteHat Security, the United States is “woefully behind the entire developed world in terms of cybersecurity.” Defensively, he insists, it would “easily take us a decade” and then some to catch up with allies and competitors alike. Does this mean that it’s up to the cybersecurity industry, rather than the military, to protect systems and data from nation-state attack? I’ve been exploring the role of cybersecurity vendors when it comes to cyberwarfare, and what business needs to do in order to prevent becoming a collateral damage statistic in the ongoing geopolitical cyber conflict.

Mention cyberwarfare and most businesses tend to sigh and move on to something less weighted down with the baggage of hyperbole. Which, truth be told, is a huge mistake.

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