New partnership to help ease cyber threats in utilities industry

utilities sector
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Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE) and the European Energy-Information Sharing
Analysis Center (EE-ISAC) have partnered to exchange international threat intelligence that will serve to further protect the global utilities sector.

EASE and EE-ISAC will share cybersecurity and physical security information on threats against the utilities sector to support the resilience of their members’ electric grids from attacks by nation-state actors, criminals and “hacktivists.”

Cindy Donaldson, president of Global Resilience Federation, the parent company of EASE, said: “While geographically separated, these two organisations both support an industry that is committed to providing reliable energy to its customers.

“Our goal is to enhance the security and resilience of that industry and EE-ISAC is on the frontlines of defense against threat actors. It is a natural partner for us given the detail and

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