Trojan Dragon: US Charges 10 Chinese Intelligence Operatives For Cyber Espionage On American, Euro Aviation …

The Justice Department on Tuesday (30 October) charged a group of 10 Chinese spies and hackers for conspiring to steal sensitive commercial airline information and other secrets from US and European companies, South China Morning Post has reported.

This is the third such indictment in less than two months as US government has launched an all-out effort to prevent cyber-espionage from China orchestrated by the state’s intelligence officials in connivance with its agents. This indictment is set to worsen the relations between the two countries who are bitterly fighting a trade war.

The alleged hacking of commercial secrets was carried out to benefit a Chinese company and executed by a 10 member strong group led by China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) agents, which conducts nonmilitary foreign espionage and handles domestic counterintelligence.

The main target of hacking were the computer systems a US and French company, involved in manufacturing a turbofan

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