What Northrop’s $54M Unified Platform Win Means For Cyber War

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. graphic from Air Force 2019 budget submissionSydney J. Freedberg Jr. graphic from Air Force 2019 budget submission
WASHINGTON: A deceptively modest award for a blandly named “Unified Platform” actually gives contractor Northrop Grumman the lead role in developing the next generation of weapons for Cyber Command. Other companies may offer specific software and hardware modules, but as “Systems Coordinator,” Northrop now gets to design the virtual chassis all those upgrades must fit on.

The goal is to give the 6,200-strong Cyber Mission Forcecreated in a hurry and equipped with a hodgepodge of kit developed by different armed services and intelligence agencies — a common, compatible set of tools so they can act in cyberspace as a coordinated military unit. In particular, Unified Platform

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