Election hacking: Why cybersecurity experts think we should trust midterm election results

Campaign 2018: Election Hacking is a weekly series from CBS News CNET about the cyber-threats and vulnerabilities of the 2018 midterm election.

Computer systems around the world are vulnerable to cyberattacks. This includes voting machines, email networks, social media, and critical infrastructure that cities rely on to provide basic services. Yet none of these cyber-threats is as dangerous to the electoral process as the cumulative fear and uncertainty that hacking could change the outcome of elections.

For the CBS News series Campaign 2018: Election Hacking we spoke with more than two dozen experts, including current and former hackers, election security experts, former law enforcement agents, state election officials, former White House cyber-defense experts, and executives at the world’s largest tech firms.

Are they worried? Yes. They’re paid to worry.

But they’re also confident that come Tuesday, Election Day, their vote will be counted.

There is one threat

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