Facebook and tech giants under pressure to win war on cyber terror

When Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook in his Harvard dorm room he could never have anticipated jihadists using his creation to connect with dangerous friends and share videos of beheadings and other violent content.

Yet Facebook remains an important weapon of choice for pro-Islamic State supporters, who continue to proliferate terrorist content across the world’s largest social platform to recruit and incite attacks.

A recent report from Counter-Extremism Project (CEP), a New York based think-tank, was critical of Facebook’s failure to take down pro-Islamic State posts and propaganda which it claimed can “remain on the platform for months or even years”.

A video posted on Facebook promoting Islamic State propaganda and shared amongst supporters. (Supplied)

CEP found evidence on Facebook of pro-Islamic State recruiters using the platform’s messaging system to connect with others, and post disturbing acts of graphic violence. Islamic State is also using the Facebook Live function to broadcast live information to

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