Why cyber threats are draining your resources

Article by Martin Lipka, Head of Connectivity Architecture, Pulsant 

Switch on the news, pick up the newspaper, or log onto the internet and you are faced with a story concerning cyber security. News about large-scale hacks and data breaches are making headlines more frequently than ever before, from the infamous WannaCry incident to the recent BA data breach.

Cyber security is no longer an issue the IT department is solely responsible for – it’s now an organisation-wide priority. And it’s not just the financial element of cyber crime, which costs businesses about $600 billion globally, according to one estimate. It’s also the damage to an organisation’s reputation when it emerges that it has been hacked, or lost customer data.

The sheer number of cyber threats can seem overwhelming, even for businesses with large IT departments. But with planning, clear thinking and the right technology, all businesses can improve their IT security and

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