NSA official: China violating agreement on cyber economic espionage

Senior National Security Agency official Rob Joyce said Thursday that he believes China is violating a 2015 agreement with the U.S. to end cyber economic espionage.

Then-President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping reached a deal at the time to stop conducting cyber-enabled intellectual property theft. However, Joyce said at the Aspen Institute’s Cyber Summit on Thursday that it “is clear they are well beyond the bounds of the agreement today that was forged between our two countries.”

Joyce, who served in the chief cybersecurity position in the White House before returning to the NSA in April, said he didn’t think reaching the agreement instead of imposing such sanctions against China at the time was a bad idea, noting that it had “a marked effect on how the Chinese were behaving.”

But Joyce didn’t rule out the U.S. hitting China with sanctions now, adding that he didn’t “think the moment’s passed.”

“Certainly sanctions are things we’ve used in context of cyber

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