Australia looks on as cyber-stability org bars product tampering

Australia’s ambassador for cyber affairs Tobias Feakin has attended a meeting at which the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) introduced a new “norm” that seeks to bar the kind of tampering with products outlined in the Assistance and Access Bill 2018.

The GCSC was established by the governments of the Netherlands, France and Singapore, with the backing of Microsoft and the Internet Society, to develop “norms” that nations will abide by to protect the stability of cyberspace.

The group’s backers believe that as the internet becomes essential for provision of services like electricity, water and information, it deserves the same humanitarian protections that prohibit armed conflicts from targeting civilian infrastructure like hospitals.

The Commission hopes that its norms will be adopted by nations around the world, thereby creating de-facto laws of cyber-war that rule out attacks on internet infrastructure that would harm civilians, or state-sponsored hacking such as the Stuxnet,

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