Blighty’s nuclear deterrent will get a software upgrade amid cyber-war fears

Software powering Britain’s nuclear-tipped Trident II missiles is to be updated following fears of a cyber-attack, according to reports.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Britain’s Trident missiles, currently carried by the Royal Navy’s Vanguard-class submarines, are to receive software updates to help guard against cyber-attacks.

The move comes as part of the Ministry of Defence’s decision to spend £1.9bn on cybersecurity over the next five years, almost double its previous five-yearly spend of £860m.

BAE Systems will carry out the upgrade on the Trident missiles for both the UK and the US, according to Bloomberg.

While both countries use the Trident missile system in their respective nuclear deterrents, Britain’s 225 nuclear warheads were developed and supported entirely separately from the US by the Berkshire-based Atomic Weapons Establishment.

Cyber threats are likely to be fairly limited against the 25-year-old Trident system because they are exclusively deployed aboard submarines, and thus isolated from

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