How to fix America’s failing cybersecurity capabilities

Barack Obama just became the first U.S. president to write a line of computer code. The gesture is part of a national push for computer science education. In fact, the White House recently announced a $4 billion “Computer Science for All” initiative that will help educate the next generation of coders.

It couldn’t have come soon enough. In addition to playing an increasingly central role in business, computer science know-how is vital to America’s economic and national security. 2015 was the worst year ever for cybercrime, with nearly 1,000 major data breaches.

These attacks included the theft of 21.5 million records from the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management and a T-Mobile breach that exposed the names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of 15 million customers. Meanwhile, major global enemies, including the Islamic State and North Korea, have developed sophisticated hacking operations to disrupt both commerce and governance.

Efforts to bolster cybersecurity all

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