Kuwait passes tough new cyber, terror law

Kuwait’s parliament has passed legislation providing a 10 year jail term for those who provide online assistance to terror groups or commit money laundering, Kuwait Times has reported.

The legislation covers all online activity, including social media.

The minimum sentence would be six months’ jail and a fine of up to KD2,000 ($6620) for those who illegally use computers that belong to others.

The most significant penalty – 10 years in jail and a fine of between KD20,000 and KD50,000 – would apply to those who set up a website for terror groups or publish news about them that could be used for raising donations, Kuwait Times said.

It also applies to those who launder money or publish methods for manufacturing explosives.

Justice Minister Yacoub Al Sane said the legislation was similar to that in most European countries and filled a void presently in Kuwaiti law.

The legislation comes as

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