German security office warned German firms about Chinese hacking: report

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s Office for Information Security (BSI) has issued warnings to several German firms named by the United States as possible victims of hacking attacks, a newspaper reported, adding that Chinese activity against German firms had increased.

Cyber experts have long warned that Germany – with its high level of technology expertise – is a particularly attractive target for cyber attackers of all kinds, including state actors.

“Construction and materials research, engineering firms and some big commercial enterprises are the focus for hackers,” the Sueddeutsche Zeitung wrote on Wednesday without naming its sources.

The United States is embroiled in a trade conflict with China and a senior U.S. intelligence official said last week that Chinese cyber activity in the United States had risen in recent months, targeting critical infrastructure.

U.S. prosecutors are expected to charge that Chinese hackers were involved in a cyber espionage operation known as “Cloudhopper” targeting technology service providers

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