Hackers hit global government and defense firms with cyber espionage campaign, McAfee says

Hackers infiltrated dozens of companies around the world with advanced malicious software that extracted information from their systems, according to McAfee.

Research released by the cybersecurity firm on Wednesday showed that the infiltration campaign — called “Operation Sharpshooter” — primarily targeted defense and government organizations.

The report identified that, between October and November, the cybercriminals targeted individuals at 87 companies using social media, sending them messages disguised as recruitment campaigns to get them to open a malicious document.

Once opened, another program called “Rising Sun” is installed, opening a “backdoor” portal that gave hackers the ability to extract intelligence and send it on to a control server. Attackers gained access to usernames, IP addresses, network configuration and system settings data.

“We know that this campaign was intended to conduct

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