Russian Hacking American Infrastructure

As a nation, we always need to be on guard for cyberattacks. They are becoming more and more frequent and dangerous these days.

The threat of state-sponsored cyberattacks against the U.S. is a clear indication that cyber warfare will more than likely play a huge role in the next global conflict. That’s why it’s critical to have systems in place that will fend off any attempt at a cyberattack.

But that doesn’t mean bad actors aren’t trying to hack those systems. In fact, Russian hackers have been attacking America’s infrastructure for some time, and are still at it.

Russian hackers attacking U.S. power grids

The idea of cybercriminals attacking power grids isn’t anything new. Russian hackers successfully took down Ukraine power grids a couple years ago, causing two large-scale blackouts.

Now, researchers at FireEye are warning that Russian actors are constantly working on breaking into U.S.

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