Russians Feel More Prepared Than U.S. For Cyber War, Poll Shows

More Russians feel that their country is prepared for cyber warfare than those in the United States, a recent poll has shown.

On Wednesday, the Pew Research Center released the results of a poll regarding the public’s perceptions of cyber attacks and whether or not their nation could handle them. The survey found that 27,612 respondents from 26 countries polled last summer were evenly split, with 47 percent saying their country was ready and an equal amount saying it was not.

Among the most confident nations, second only to Israel’s 73 percent, was Russia with 67 percent saying the country was “ready for a major cyber incident.” Respondents in the U.S. were more evenly divided, with 53 percent saying that their nation’s defenses were adequately suited for such an event.

The U.S. responses were further broken down by political affiliation, exposing partisan sentiments toward the question. Up to 61 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning

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