Their view: Real global security threats don’t include a border crisis – Wilkes Barre Times

Trudy Rubin is an op-ed columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. (Philadelphia Inquirer/KRT)

As President Donald Trump threatens to declare a state of emergency to counter a manufactured security crisis on our southern border, it’s worth looking at the real security challenges facing the country in 2019.

List after published list of such security threats, as compiled by think tanks, the departments of State, Homeland Security, and the U.S. intelligence community, fail to mention the press of immigrants on the southern border as one of those dangers. That’s because it isn’t.

Yes, border security is an issue, but it could be addressed in bipartisan fashion if the president hadn’t made “build the wall” his never-ending campaign slogan. However, the border presents no urgent national security crisis; the White House can’t cite one instance of a known terrorist crossing from Mexico, and many

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