Hackers Launch a Worldwide DNS Campaign to Steal Information

Posted on
January 12, 2019 at
5:32 PM

National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center of the Department of Homeland Security has just issued an alert regarding a newly reported hacking spree which targets any unprotected information. The alert was based on the recent report published by a cybersecurity firm, FireEye.

According to FireEye’s report, hackers are using a well-known tactic for undermining data that flows across the internet. This allowed them to capture all kinds of information, including sensitive data such as business details, login credentials, as well as info belonging to the government, ISPs, telecoms, and many others. The report also claims that the attack is not focusing on a single area, but instead it affects the entire world.

FireEye’s senior manager of cyber-espionage analysis, Ben Read, stated that this is an attack that aims to collect as much information as possible. Any information will do, and hackers do not

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