White House unveils federal cybersecurity plan and attack rating system

A new White House directive aims to make clear the responsibilities of each federal agency in the event of a cyberattack and create a rating system to determine the severity of an attack.

The Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) on United States Cyber Incident Coordination aims to clarify the federal cybersecurity incident response plan, ensuring understanding of which agency takes the lead in certain situations and making cooperation between agencies more efficient, but also to differentiate “between significant cyberincidents and steady-state incidents, and applying the PPD’s guidance primarily to significant incidents.”

Ed Hammersla, chief strategy officer for Forcepoint LLC, based in Austin, Texas, said he “applauds the White House’s leadership in cybersecurity.”

“This guidance reflects the recognition of both the potential severity of a major cybersecurity event and the day-to-day importance of cybersecurity in our daily lives. A top-level plan coordinating all federal actions is an absolute necessity in 2016,” Hammersla

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