Car Hacking Village: Discovering Automotive Cyber-Security …

ANNAPOLIS, Md., July 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Car Hacking Village ( founded by Robert Leale, of CanBusHack, Inc., a Michigan based-business, made its inaugural debut at the Def Con 23 Conference last year in Las Vegas.  This year, the Village returns to Def Con 24 in Vegas on August 4th.

The Car Hacking Village plays an important role for researchers interested in the safety and security of the more than one billion vehicles on the road worldwide.  In 2015, over 16.5 million vehicles were sold in the United States.  On average, motor vehicles are driven over 15,000 miles annually and consumers spend upwards of 730 hours per year in their cars.

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Breaches of automotive systems have been in the forefront of the global media

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