DPI seeks $6 million to train teachers in computer science, …

A group of educators this month completed a final draft of K-12 computer science and cybersecurity standards, which, pending State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler’s approval, will go into effect this fall.

These academic standards are not mandatory, as cybersecurity and computer science are not required courses of instruction. But Baesler said the overall goal of these standards is to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to learn computer science.

“Every aspect of our lives is being touched (by computer science), so we felt it was really important that North Dakota stay on top of that and make sure our students have the same sort of opportunities,” Baesler said.

Once these standards are adopted, North Dakota will become the first state to incorporate cybersecurity into its K-12 standards, according to Baesler.

Many states have responded recently to the push for computer science education in K-12 schools by adopting computer science standards. Twenty-two states have

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