Cybersecurity for marketers: Teamwork is key to protect data

There was a time when network security was merely a concern for security professionals and CISOs. But after serious, ongoing high-level breaches across multiple industries, it is now a significant concern for corporations and smaller businesses alike.

From 2017 to 2018 alone, the number of cybersecurity merger and acquisition deals rose by 12 percent, thanks to acquisitions by some big names in tech.

For instance, last January, cybersecurity startup Sqrrl was acquired by Amazon Web Services. Web security company Sucuri was acquired by hosting giant GoDaddy. Zenedge, a security provider using AI to detect malware and bots in the cloud, was acquired by Oracle in April. Secdo, known for their sophisticated threat detection methodology, was acquired by Palo Alto Networks. And the list goes on.

Each new merger or acquisition can create or expose new vulnerabilities. For digital marketers relying

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