Hacker stereotypes ‘exacerbate’ UK’s cyber security skills shortage

Negative stereotypes about computer hackers are contributing to a skills shortage in the cyber security sector, according to industry experts.

High-profile cyber specialists today warned the industry’s hackneyed reputation as a breeding ground for reclusive computer geeks is misleading and is putting promising students off a career in the profession.

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Speaking at the launch of Cyber 9/12, an annual cyber security competition for university students, experts said the industry is in need of workers with a wide range of skills, not just strong technical abilities.

“At the moment a lot of people think a cyber security skill is whether you can hack, whether you can build and defend a network, or whether you can analyse code,” Pete Cooper, senior fellow at Washington-based think tank Atlantic Council, told City A.M.

“Those are all really important skills, but that’s only one element of

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