Top Films For Students

If you are already a Film and Audiovisual student or are thinking of being, you already know that watching movies can be much more than a simple entertainment program. In these cases, the lengths become part of your routine of study and also of professional life.

Seth Rogen Finds Himself with Bad Neighbours and a Bad Script in Nicholas Stollers Unspired Comedy

Since movies are so important, how about checking out a list of the ones students can not miss?

Great Movies About Nice Neighbors

Bad Neighbors

An important theme of the 2010s is the relationship with roommates, whether in their own apartment or in the same house. Nothing is so delicate and nowhere else do you get so annoyed by other people’s ticks. But rarely does the situation escalate as blatantly as in the comedy ” Bad Neighbors ” (2014).

The Radner family with their little baby

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