N.D. Cybersecurity Bill Seeks Unified Approach, Centralized IT

In North Dakota, a state that officials say regularly faces 5.6 million attempted cyberattacks a month, IT centralization has long been viewed as a means to bolster security.

Now, legislation newly passed in the state Senate, would create a unified approach to cybersecurity, giving lawmakers a road map to more centralized enforcement.

Senate Bill 2110, introduced in January, passed unanimously last week and now goes to the House for consideration.

The new legislation would empower the Information Technology Department (ITD) to define cybersecurity statewide. In so doing, it would create a single strategic framework for public entities, allowing each to approach cybersecurity from a unified posture, said Sean Wiese, the state’s chief information security officer.

The new bill comes amidst a push by the state’s executive branch to expand IT investment and standardize its approach. The ITD requested the bill shortly after Gov. Doug Burgum, a former Microsoft executive, filed

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