Russia plans to disconnect the entire country from the internet to simulate an all-out cyberwar

Russia plans to temporarily disconnect the entire country from the global internet, in order to simulate an all-out cyberwar on the country.

Under this test, Russian internet service providers (ISPs) would have to redirect web traffic from within the country to routing points approved or managed by the government’s telecom watchdog, Roskomnazor, ZDNet reported, citing Russian news agency RosBiznesKonsalting.

At present Russia, like most countries, allows internet traffic to use global systems to connect with devices all over the world. The temporary disconnection will reportedly take place in the next few weeks.

During the outage, the country’s internet would also rely its own version of the Domain Name System (DNS), the directory of web domains and addresses.

The trial run is set to take place at some point before April 1, though an exact date has not yet

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