The U.S. Army’s New Up-Gunned Stryker Armored Vehicles Have Been Hacked

But it would seem almost impossible for a Russian cyber attack on U.S. forces to be accidental. These kinds of cyber intrusions still represent a way for Russia to test and harass American forces with relatively low practical and political costs. It has also proven to be a more readily deniable form of attack for the Kremlin, even in the face of formal, public protests, such as the ones from Norway and Finland.    

If the Russians are actually now targeting the systems on military vehicles, directly or indirectly, this would appear to be a significant escalation in the nature of these attacks, though, which have previously been more focused on individuals and personal devices. Degrading networks associated with the Stryker Dragoons instead seems to reflect an active attempt to probe American cyber defenses in Europe and test capabilities that might come into play in an

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