6 Reasons Why Cyber Threat Intelligence Matters (and how CTIA helps) – EC-Council Official Blog – EC

In today’s technologically developed and evolved world, individuals and organizations alike are constantly connected to the internet to carry out all manner of personal and financial transactions. The internet has become so handy that criminals take advantage of our constant connectivity to steal our information and, in many cases, our money.

In recent news posted by The Guardian, Amazon, the multinational technology giant suffered a major data security breach just two days before Black Friday 2018. In the breach, millions of customer names, passwords, email s, and other personal information were illegally accessed.  However, Amazon did not want to disclose any facts about how many people got affected due to such a security breach. Instead, they informed in a short statement “We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted.” Customers who received the mail were told the Amazon website inadvertently disclosed some usernames and emails on

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