Intel: How an Air Force vet’s indictment reveals US vulnerability to Iranian cyber-espionage – Al

The Justice Department handed down a 27-page indictment today charging a former Air Force intelligence officer with passing classified information to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The indictment also charges four hackers allegedly linked with the Tehran-based military command.

Why it matters: Today’s indictment shows increased Iranian interest in cyberespionage. Drawing upon classified information obtained from Monica Elfriede Witt, IRGC-affiliated hackers attempted to develop malicious software and fake social media profiles to target US-based spy agencies.

The efforts included software to capture keystrokes and break into web cameras, as well as malware-infused attachments passed off as pornographic photos designed to fool US officials into letting Iranian hackers tunnel into their computer networks. They also created fake e-mails and Facebook profiles to befriend unsuspecting US military intelligence officers.

Keep your friends close: Forty years to the week after the US and Iran formally cut off diplomatic relations amid the 1979 Islamic Revolution,

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