Cyber Deterrence Done Right: The Coordinated Actions Against Huawei

An arrest in Canada. Another in Poland. Government bans in CanberraWellington, and Tokyo. Corporate snubs and ostracism in South KoreaBritainGermany, and France. The loss of purchase orders by one of the world’s largest wireless providers. And now a 13-count indictment by the U.S. Justice Department. It has been a bad few months for Chinese telecommunication titan Huawei. Unleashing the collective power of its democratic allies, the United States may have finally found the formula for imposing real costs on its cyber adversaries. 

The indictment unsealed on Jan. 28 alleges that Huawei willfully violated U.S. sanctions on Iran and repeatedly lied to U.S. financial institutions and federal authorities about Huawei’s business in Iran. The sanctions violations began in 2007 and continued after investigative reporters revealed Huawei’s involvement in human rights abuses in Iran and its transfer of U.S. technology products to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions and export controls. Reporting earlier

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