Special Report: Cybersecurity

WannaCry put healthcare cyber security in the headlines and on local and national priority lists. But, two years later, have lastings changes truly been made? Or has the momentum been lost? Jennifer Trueland reports.

In the aftermath of WannaCry in May 2017, cyber security gained a higher profile than ever before in the NHS. The topic gained traction at board level in NHS organisations, and governments across the UK announced immediate action to support the NHS to protect itself in the event of a similar attack.

As we approach the second anniversary of WannaCry, however, questions remain over whether lessons of the attack have truly been heeded. In particular, is there a risk that after the initial flurry of initiatives, momentum around cyber security has been lost?

Gary Colman, head of IT audit and assurance services at West Midlands Ambulance NHS Trust – which also provides cyber security services to other public and

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