Protecting the Critical Infrastructure from cyber warfare | SC Media

Cyber attacks are hard to prevent. A cyberattack
against our nation’s critical infrastructure (CI) is especially hard to thwart
and could have devastating consequences to our human existence. Most everyone
is aware of the catastrophic risk the electrical grid faces from a cyberattack.
To put it in perspective, a complete outage of the electrical grids due to a
hostile attack is estimated to have a 70-90 percent casualty rate within 12

But the electrical grid is not the only critical infrastructure that is vulnerable to cyberwarfare. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are 16 sectors that make up our nation’s critical infrastructure. They include: chemical/energy/nuclear, commercial/government facilities, communications/information technology, critical manufacturing, defense, financial services, food/agriculture, healthcare/public health/emergency services, transportation, and water/wastewater systems/dams. To be blunt, there is a devastating cost to human life for failing to safeguard these critical systems.

In the past,

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