Why Is The NIST Framework Important?

Special guest Ben Brooks, Special Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Veteran and current Vice President of Cyber Security consulting firm Beryllium joined George Rettas, president and CEO of Task Force 7 Radio and Task Force 7 Technologies, in episode #75 on Monday night.

Co-hosts Tom Pageler Chief Security Officer of BitGo, Inc. and Andy Bonillo, Global Head of Information Security for AIG, also joined the lineup to talk about the importance of the NIST Framework, what gaps need to be filled to defend against the ever increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, the security of cloud infrastructures, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the cyber security industry.

Brooks also gave his opinion on whether or not the United States is in a Cyber War, what the average person can do strengthen their personal cyber security posture, and why skills and experiences learned from the military translate so well to the cyber security industry.


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