New dawn in cyber warfare could target oil and gas sites – News for the Oil and Gas Sector

Former member of hacktivist group Anonymous, Mike ‘sting3r’ Jones discusses a new cyber threat to Big Oil and how the sector might combat it.

2017 brought a new threat to the industrial landscape and a new weapon.

The weapon was Triton malware also known as “Trisis”.

This malware took advantage of the safety instrumented system of a Saudi Arabian petrochemical plant.

The triconex Tricon possessed vulnerabilities within the bounds of a memory buffer allowing attacker to remotely exploit specifically with HatMan malware.

The dawn of this type of malware created a huge shift in risk and brought to light a new psychology among hackers – to create an attack which could both damage systems as well as potentially harm humans.

This is a good sign that cyberwar is not only here but active and a physical menace.

The advancement of this malware and the methodology of attack is a strong ioc (indicator of compromise) for state sponsored

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