Cyberattacks against Canadian businesses on the rise: report

Cybersecurity remains an ongoing and growing problem for Canadian businesses, with an estimated 83 per cent of companies having experienced a cybersecurity breach of some kind in the past year, a new survey indicates.

In its first Canada Threat Report, Massachusetts-based cybersecurity firm Carbon Black said a January survey shows 76 per cent of companies reported an increase in cyberattacks in the past year, 25 per cent saying the volume has grown by half in that period.

“Cybersecurity can’t just be building a perimeter and putting up a defence,” said Carbon Black security strategist Eric O’Neill, a former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence agent. “Cybersecurity needs to be offence. You need to be cyberspy hunters.”

The report called the threat a “relentless onslaught.”

“The inevitability of breach puts pressure on organizations to start proactively detecting and neutralizing threat vectors by improving visibility, hunting threats and developing effective counter-incident response.”


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