Why shame prevents people from reporting cybercrime

Embarrassment has become an obstacle in the Halifax Regional Police force’s efforts to understand how much cybercrime occurs in the municipality. 

People are frequently so ashamed of getting duped online that they don’t come forward and report the crime to police, said Staff Sgt. Kevin Smith.

That means cybercrime is woefully under-reported, making it difficult for police to know what is happening online and to identify culprits.

“The prevalence of it is hard to nail down because it … has to be so much more than what’s reported to the police,” said Smith, who manages the regional police’s investigative support office. That office includes the cyber-operations unit.

But police need people to come forward to get a better understanding of the situation in order to conduct an investigation. 

“We’d all like to think that we wouldn’t fall for this or that,” said Smith. “In reality, all it takes is a little lapse in concentration and, really, an opportunity

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