Gabriel on cybersecurity: ‘The world is watching us’

The EU’s cybersecurity strategy is under the scrutiny of global actors, the EU’s Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said on Tuesday (19 March). Her comments came as the European Court of Auditors criticised the ‘fragmented’ nature of cybersecurity policy across the continent.

“We are doing no less than creating a new cybersecurity marketplace and the world is watching us,” Gabriel said on Tuesday, speaking at an anniversary event celebrating 15 years of the EU’s cybersecurity agency (ENISA).

The EU’s digital chief also applauded the recent parliamentary adoption of the Cybersecurity Act, which extends ENISA’s mandate as well as establishes a cybersecurity certification scheme.

“It is essential that the certification scheme gets off to a good and fast start,” Gabriel said. In the context of a diverse range of cybersecurity threats, including concerns over the security of future 5G network infrastructures, Gabriel said that the EU has the opportunity to prove that the cybersecurity act

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