The Roots of Russiagate in Aaron Burr’s “Treason”

By David Swanson

progressive liberal Democratic-Republican hero was supposed
to be handed the presidency in 1800, and instead there was a

Somebody was going to have to pay. And the proper
payment would be a charge of treason.

We know that Thomas
Jefferson was a progressive liberal because he said really
nice things. He also enslaved and whipped and raped. He
invented claims of white racist superiority to prove that
all men were not created equal — claims that inspire
fascist visitors to Charlottesville to this day. He invented
the right of slave states to “nullify” federal law, not
to mention being the principal creator of our beloved
two-party system.

It was Jefferson’s presidency. He had
waited for it. It was his turn now. And that blasted Aaron
Burr had exactly as many votes as he had. First this would
have to be fixed. Then Burr would have to be... read more at: