Misaligned Cybersecurity Policies and Products Accentuate the Talent Shortage

The cybersecurity community is weighted down by a talent shortage. A recent study by ISACA quantified the problem: it found that 69% of respondents said their cybersecurity teams are understaffed and it can take six months or longer to fill vacancies.

This has forced the industry to find creative ways to solve the problem. For example, some organizations have opted to hire individuals with an aptitude to acquire the necessary skills on-the-job, rather than with demonstrated experience.

Today, it is not unheard of to find people with degrees in epidemiology, linguistics or music – and an eagerness to learn cybersecurity – getting hired. Some senior leaders have pointed to the similarities between music composition and cybersecurity. Both technology and music involve learning a new language like words, phrases, musical notes, and software code, into meaning.

While this talent acquisition strategy has been successful for some organizations,

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