Among Cybersecurity Pros, Security Paranoia Runs Deep

Cybersecurity pros are a paranoid bunch, at least according to a survey Lastline conducted at the RSA Conference in March. It makes sense when you think about it. After all, these are the folks who know what the threats are and how easily it is to gain access to a network.

But I hadn’t thought about just how paranoid these pros are until I read the results of the survey. Of 136 participants, about half said they’d rather walk barefoot in a public restroom than connect to public Wi-Fi and 69 percent cover the webcam lens on their laptops (which would explain why webcam covers was popular swag on the show floor). This lack of trust in cybersecurity is enough to make Lastline’s CEO John DiLullo shut off all of his devices and disconnect from the internet—well at least for a brief moment. He, like all of us, understands the

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