The Daily 202: How the nature of cyberwar is changing

Vladimir Putin visits a rocket engine company in Luhansk, Russia, on Friday. The Russian president visited the factory on Cosmonauts Day, a holiday marking Yuri Gagarin’s flight to space, to announce a major investment in developing new rocket technologies. (Alexei Nikolsky/Sputnik/Kremlin Pool Photo/AP)

With Joanie Greve and Mariana Alfaro


SAUSALITO, Calif. — A cyber arms race is underway, and few Americans have noticed.

Lisa Monaco, who served as the homeland security adviser in Barack Obama’s White House, said many countries are changing how they approach the digital battlefield, from focusing primarily on espionage toward “geopolitical one-upmanship.”

“The game is getting disrupted,” she said. “If we had this conversation two and a half years ago, I would have described the threat I was seeing at the time as more diffuse, more sophisticated and more dangerous than at any other time in my career in government. Today I

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