Transforming weapon systems cybersecurity


Transforming weapon systems cybersecurity

A recent report in The Wall Street Journal explained how the Navy and its industry partners are “under cyber siege” by Chinese hackers. The article cited one high-profile incident in which Chinese government attackers stole important data on undersea warfare programs from an unidentified contractor. Among the stolen information were plans for a new supersonic anti-ship missile.

While extremely troublesome, this news should come as no surprise when considering the results of a March 2019 report commissioned by the Secretary of Navy. The five-year study concluded that the failure to properly secure IT systems represents an “existential threat” to the survival of the Navy and Marine Corps and that few military leaders understand the “magnitude of the consequences.”

The Navy’s rude awakening is perhaps just what DOD needs to accelerate cybersecurity upgrades to its weapon systems across all branches, an

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