Build A Strong Cybersecurity Posture With These 10 Best Practices

The numerous high-profile data breaches that took place in 2018 illustrate that no organization, irrespective of size, scale or scope, is immune from cyberattacks. Last year witnessed a 350% increase in ransomware attacks and a 70% increase in spear-phishing attacks.

We are looking at a state-of-affairs wherein it is very easy for cybercriminals to exploit security vulnerabilities and target weaknesses with malware or ransomware. The worrisome fact is that malware as a service (MaaS) is a reality.

The time to initiate sustained and concrete efforts to protect mission-critical network and data is now. It is imperative to think beyond conventional security and deploy strategies that enable real-time intelligence to expose hidden risks, detect unknown threats and isolate infected systems.

Here are 10 cybersecurity best practices that can help guard against the sophisticated threats your IT infrastructure faces today. While there

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